Happy Birthday, Boppa.

Yesterday was Father’s Day, today would have been my Poppa’s 77th Birthday. It’s also the 2nd anniversary of my mother-in-law Nora’s death. We lost them both to cancer.

Last week, my sister’s wife, died suddenly. We don’t yet know why.


It’s been over a month since I started to write this and found myself unable to express my feelings fully. I still don’t feel capable of it. The last year has been such a struggle, first Poppa’s cancer diagnosis, then the rapid deterioration of my own health. I’ve found myself in a very dark place emotionally, trying to put on a brave face and be strong for everyone around me, all while staring my own mortality in the eye.

The week that Jan, my sister-in-law, passed, I was awaiting results on cervical cancer and a possible brain tumor. (Both negative, Thank you, Lord.) I promised myself I’d start blogging more, just as a way of expressing my stress. Unfortunately, I seem to find my own whining amazingly annoying!

So, Happy 77th, Boppa, if a bit belated. We miss you here.



Published by: majicat

I'm the square peg in the round hole. I'm a former Pagan, LDS Convert, Libertarian, Homeschooling mother of two. A 20+yr vegetarian, sometime vegan, who wears leather and cooks meat for her family. I wear skirts almost exclusively, I headcover, I hate the term 'Feminist'. I'm probably carrying concealed. My husband is an Irish Catholic. We have two crazy boys, a pair of nutball dogs, and a quad of insane cats. If we could, we'd add more to the mix. Today this is where my path has led, let's see what tomorrow holds.

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