Happy Anniversary, Honey.

It’s becoming a running joke in our family that my husband doesn’t remember anniversaries. This shouldn’t surprise me, on our wedding day, I literally had to drag him from work. His “I’m just stopping for five minutes to drop this off” turned into forty-five, and we were nearly late for our own wedding.

Sadly, this year, with my illness, I can’t remember dates either. I keep track of what day of the week it is (mostly), and call it good. The date or the month, ehhh, let me check my phone.

Fortunately, Facebook reminded my best friend to wish me a Happy Anniversary. LOL I like to think I’d have noticed eventually. (Maybe)

So, Happy 4th Anniversary, Mr. Leprechaun. Maybe we’ll celebrate on our 5th?


Published by: majicat

I'm the square peg in the round hole. I'm a former Pagan, LDS Convert, Libertarian, Homeschooling mother of two. A 20+yr vegetarian, sometime vegan, who wears leather and cooks meat for her family. I wear skirts almost exclusively, I headcover, I hate the term 'Feminist'. I'm probably carrying concealed. My husband is an Irish Catholic. We have two crazy boys, a pair of nutball dogs, and a quad of insane cats. If we could, we'd add more to the mix. Today this is where my path has led, let's see what tomorrow holds.

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